Question - Are you provided with course materials for your course?


Answer - Yes, you will be provided with the following psychic development study materials  – Oracle card deck, notepad, pen and crystal

Question - How do I secure my place in the course I have registered my interest in?

Answer - Payment and a completed Registration form will secure your place in the course only.

Question - Will I receive a certificate of participation after I complete the course?

Answer - A participation certificate will be presented on completion of the course and ongoing support will be provided.

Question - What topics are covered in Activate Your Inner Psychic?

Answer - The following topics are covered as part of the Activate Your Inner Psychic course:

  • Embracing your Psychic Personality and unique gifts

  • Practical psychic methods & tools for divine guidance

  • Oracle Cards, Mediumship for links, validation and healing

  • Personal psychic self-care, boundaries and Empathic strategy and self- empowerment

  • Spirit guides, signs, interpretation and predictions

  • Oneness, Being in Service to Spirit

  • Creating a clear connection to increase accuracy and Physical psychic divination

  • How to conduct readings, ethics and integrity and how to run an abundant and professional Psychic business

Question - What is the difference between the courses Activate Your Inner Psychic and Enhance Your Activated Psychic?

Answer -Enhance Your Activated Psychic is the next level course.  This course allows you to deepen, enrich and magnify your Activated Inner Psychic in this highly interactive weekend program.

Taking it to a whole new level, this course is jam-packed with guided psychic practice including a fun ‘Activate Psychic Circuit,’ a mystical marathon that will prepare you for professional psychic mediumship and heightened spiritual growth. Practice makes perfect and in this certified course you will get plenty of spiritual training.